Spanish Idioms with colours

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As you know, I really like idioms, so today I’m giving you some Spanish idioms related to colors.

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Rojo como un tomate

“Red as a tomato”, we use it when somebody blushes because of embarrassment. It could be the equivalent to “go red as a beetroot”.

¡Nunca había pasado tanta vergüenza! Me puse roja como un tomate.


Príncipe azul

The “Blue Prince” is that man every girl dreams about when we were kids. Now we all know they aren’t the same than we saw in Disney films, but still…

Era todo lo que siempre había soñado: guapo, simpático, bueno… Era su Príncipe Azul.


Prensa amarilla

The “yellow press” is the one using sensationalist headlines in order to attract people’s attention. It is known in English as gutter press.

Mira este periódico: inundación, secuestro… ¡solo les interesa la prensa amarilla!


Estar verde en un tema

We say that somebody “is green about something” when he doesn’t know pretty much about a specific topic.

Está todavía un poco verde, acaba de llegar y está aprendiendo.


De color de rosa

We use the idiom “in pink color” when talking in a very optimistic way. We can also use it in a pessimistic way if we use it like this: no todo es de color de rosa.

Está muy feliz, últimamente le va muy bien y lo ve todo de color de rosa.


Ponerse morado

“To get purple” means in Spanish to get filled up, when you’ve eaten too much and you can’t get even one more bite.

¡Cuánta comida! Me he puesto morado, no puedo ni moverme.


Verlo muy negro

This one is the opposite to the pink one, “to see it very black” means to be very pessimistic about something.

No me gusta esta situación, lo veo muy negro.


Quedarse en blanco

When you are white in Spanish, it means that you went blank, that you have no ideas left.

Me he quedado completamente en blanco, no recuerdo lo que tenía en mente.


Tener/comerse un marrón

If you “have or eat a brown” in Spanish, run away because you have a problem. Tener un marrón is that you have a problem, but comerse un marrón means that you pay for the consequences of that problem.

Mi amigo salió corriendo y me comí yo todo el marrón.


Media naranja

Okay, this one makes reference to the fruit, but it’s also a color, so I include it here! When we talk in Spanish about our “half orange” we talk about our soulmate.

He salido con muchas personas, pero ninguna era mi media naranja.


Do you know other Spanish idioms with colors? Let me know if you want me to publish the second part of this post!


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