Spanish Courses

What advantages do I get?

Personalized lessons

The lessons will be created based on your needs. You will learn at your own pace, skipping what you already know and focusing on your main weaknesses!

Online lessons

We use technology everyday, so why not using it to learn? You will learn from home, from a café or wherever you want. You just need an Internet connection!


Forget about having paper sheets everywhere. You will have all the materials on the Internet, for example Google Drive. But if you prefer paper, you can always print them!

How will I learn?

Real situations

Forget about learning grammar structures only and not to know how to use them. You will practice every new content practising real conversations.

Useful topics

No more endless vocabulary lists. You will learn new words as your Spanish grows up and you need them to communicate.


Stop learning structures and not using them. You will practice everything you learn in future lessons. Language is something to be recycled!

What can I learn?

Spanish for business

Perfect for getting that new job or getting promoted.

Spanish for travelling

Going on holiday to a Spanish speaking country? Learn how to communicate with locals during your trip!

Spanish Conversation

Can you read Spanish but it's hard for you to engage in conversations with Spanish speakers? This is what you need!

Ready to start?

Book a free trial class and have fun while learning!