False friends (II)

¡Hola a todos!

Do you remember the false friends post some months ago? As I told you, they are very tricky, and there are a lot! We could even say it is an endless topic, so here we are again with some other false friends when English speakers learn Spanish!


English word: ONCE -> Spanish meaning: una vez

Spanish word: ONCE -> English meaning: eleven


English word: PIE -> Spanish meaning: tarta, pastel

Spanish word: PIE -> English meaning: foot


English word: SENSIBLE -> Spanish meaning: sensato

Spanish word: SENSIBLE -> English meaning: sensitive


English word: ULTIMATELY -> Spanish meaning: finalmente

Spanish word: ÚLTIMAMENTE -> English meaning: lately


English word: SOAP -> Spanish meaning: jabón

Spanish word: SOPA -> English meaning: soup


English word: SEVERAL -> Spanish meaning: various

Spanish word: SEVERO -> English meaning: strict


As you see, some false friends are written not only similar, but even the same in both languages, and they have absolutely nothing to do with each other! I already said this, but I will repeat it: false friends are very important to know! If you know other false friends, write them in the comments!


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