¿Ser o estar?

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I'm back this week with a grammar topic: when do we use "ser" and "estar" in Spanish? I know this is something driving crazy most of Spanish students, so I'll try to clarify the issue a little bit.

To start with, I'll show you a picture with the uses for "ser" and "estar", but to make it easy, you'll see a note in a chart.

As you can see, that note simplifies the use for both verbs in Spanish: we use "ser" for the characteristics regarding to the object or person itself; and we use "estar" to talk about circumstances.

Yes! It's that easy!

But we've not finished...

No, it couldn't be that easy. Did you know there are some adjectives whose meaning may change depending on the verb they go with? I give you another picture where you can see some of the main adjectives suffering this change:

So it's not the same to say Soy listo that Estoy listo.

As I said, there are more adjectives whose meaning change when we use one or the other verb. Do you want to know them? Contact me and I'll help you out!

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