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I want my first post to be about me so you can get to know me better.

Before turning 22, I lived in three different cities in Spain: Madrid, Seville and Cordoba. After that, I spent one year in Beijing and I’m currently living in Nairobi.

My first experiences as a teacher were while studying my University Degree, teaching English to teenagers who needed to improve their English skills. I did it just for getting some money, but little by little I realized that I really liked it. I didn’t think about that like “oh, no, it’s time to work”. And I say this because my first intention wasn’t to be a teacher, but a translator.

After getting my degree, I came back to Seville and I started teaching private lessons, and at the same time I worked for a Languages Training School. Then, I decided to specialize in Teaching and I took an Advanced University Course for Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language.

During the 2016’s summer, the destiny wanted me to move to Beijing, where I was teaching Spanish and English to Chinese students for 10 months. Cultural and linguistic differences made an amazing experience from it. I met teachers coming from many countries, taught excited students who wanted to learn Spanish and, of course, discovered  incredible places.

After this experience in China, I moved to Nairobi (Kenya), where I reside now. Because of this change, I decided to start teaching online so I could teach those students willing to follow me around the world while learning Spanish.

I consider myself as a dynamic and patient teacher, and there is nothing I could feel prouder of than seeing how my students improve their Spanish thanks to my lessons and advices; I think that’s one of the best feelings ever.

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